The Art Of Craftsmanship: Yamazaki Whisky And Grand Seiko

Japanese products are revered for their quality and design. Today, we take a look at Grand Seiko and Yamazaki whisky, a match made in heaven.

Forget matching your watch strap with your shoes. In a new series for Watchonista, we’re pairing watches with unexpected brands that complement their values and aesthetics, beginning with two exquisite Japanese brands dedicated to craftsmanship and tradition: Grand Seiko and Yamazaki. Both have adopted foreign products — Swiss watches and Scotch whisky — and added unique Japanese twists to create masterpieces that have earned their place on the global stage.

Brand Curator for Grand Seiko Corporation of America Joe Kirk agrees the two brands make an ideal match. Speaking to Watchonista, Kirk said, “Although watchmaking and whisky making are fundamentally different crafts, Grand Seiko and the Yamakazi distillery share several common bonds in terms of history, Japanese craftsmanship, and dedication to perfection.”

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