JAG Business Admin Co Ltd was created to service and administer existing clients living in Thailand and abroad, mainly in the wealth management industry.

We are the master distribution agent for cask whisky sales in Thailand. Whisky is always in demand and is a huge business globally, but unfortunately, this is a slow process for the distillers. Producing whisky is expensive; one way distilleries look to capitalise is by offering private investors the opportunity to purchase casks through a broker. This way, distilleries can generate cash flow and increase production, leaving the spirit the time it needs to mature. Whisky ceases to develop in the bottle; Single Malt is often bottled at 8, 10, 12, 15 years and beyond, with average historical returns between 12% and 20%.

Through JAG Business Admin Co Ltd, our clients have access to cask whisky from Scotland courtesy of our partners Hampton Wealth. Upon purchasing a cask, each investor receives the Certificate of title, similar to what you get when buying a house or car. Barrels mature in a secure HMRC government bonded warehouse, typically on-site at the distillery. There’s no VAT to pay upon sale as duty remains suspended when the Cask stays in the warehouse; the investment is CGT (Capital Gains Tax) exempt. To find out more, please get in touch.