The Art Of Craftsmanship: Yamazaki Whisky And Grand Seiko

Japanese products are revered for their quality and design. Today, we take a look at Grand Seiko and Yamazaki whisky, a match made in heaven.

Forget matching your watch strap with your shoes. In a new series for Watchonista, we’re pairing watches with unexpected brands that complement their values and aesthetics, beginning with two exquisite Japanese brands dedicated to craftsmanship and tradition: Grand Seiko and Yamazaki. Both have adopted foreign products — Swiss watches and Scotch whisky — and added unique Japanese twists to create masterpieces that have earned their place on the global stage.

Brand Curator for Grand Seiko Corporation of America Joe Kirk agrees the two brands make an ideal match. Speaking to Watchonista, Kirk said, “Although watchmaking and whisky making are fundamentally different crafts, Grand Seiko and the Yamakazi distillery share several common bonds in terms of history, Japanese craftsmanship, and dedication to perfection.”

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72 Year Old Glen Grant Scotch Takes Center Stage at Bonhams Hong Kong First Whisky Sale of 2021

Bonhams first Whisky Sale of 2021 will highlight Scotch whisky in Hong Kong, and takes place on January 29th.

A decanter of Glen Grant-1948 — a 72-year-old by Gordon & MacPhail is a headliner this year. This rare spirit was bottled in 2020 and is making its debut at the auction this year. The bottle is numbered 88 out of the 290 bottles made — 88 is a symbolic number in Chinese culture which means wealthy. The 72-year-old has 52.6% alcohol by volume. The estimated retail price of this decanter sits at HK$300,000-380,000.

Macallan will sell more than 30 lots which span the 1950s to the 1990s, including Macallan Lalique 50-year-old — estimated at HK$700,000-950,000 and the Macallan Lalique Motor Car-1937-37-year-old estimated at HK$450,000-550,000.

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Drinks giant Diageo says lockdown has driven demand for premium whisky and tequila with customers creating their own cocktails at home as firm reports surprise growth in sales

  • Diageo reported an unexpected one per cent rise in organic net sales growth 
  • Firm experienced strong growth in North America, where sales rose 12.3%
  • Don Julio and Casamigos tequilas were among company’s strongest performers

Drinks giant Diageo today revealed coronavirus lockdown has driven a demand for higher-end spirits as customers begin to create their own cocktails at home.

The global firm beat analysts forecasts to report a one per cent rise in organic net sales for the six months to December, despite the impact of the pandemic.

In the UK, net sales grew two per cent, with sales in supermarkets and off-licences offsetting the fall from pub closures during long periods.

Beer sales were hardest hit – primarily driven by Guinness pumps not being pulled as British pubs faced restrictions and lockdowns.

Bosses said the famous stout did however see a surge in off-licence sales, with cans of Guinness draft rising 24 per cent during the period globally.

Spirits sold strongly, rising 15 per cent, with ready-mixed cocktails and Baileys also popular – up 8 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.

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The Best Bottles Of Scotch Whisky Between $40-$50

Our tireless pursuit to find the best bottles of scotch whisky at every price point has landed us in one of the first prime price points. Bottles of scotch between $40 and $50 are where things really start to get interesting. This is the range where the blended scotch gets really good and the single malts start to pop.

Granted, those single malts are still pretty young. But they’re solid and offer a nice baseline for newcomers to sippable Scotch whisky.

As for the prices of each of these bottles, well, that’s going to vary greatly depending on which coast you’re on (it simply costs more money to get this stuff to the West Coast, folks), which state you’re buying the bottle (local taxes range wildly), and which store you’re in. Because as Pappy proves, stores can charge whatever they want for this stuff depending on demand.

All of that being said, these bottles are going to be worth the search and the cash. The defining factor for each bottle’s inclusion on the list is that it is a great tasting bottle of scotch at a fairly accessible price point. Sure, you can get two quality bottles of bourbon for the price of most of these bottles. But where’s the fun in that?

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Bowmore’s Latest Whiskey Release Is a Collector-Worthy 30-Year-Old Single Malt

Only 2,580 bottles will be made available worldwide.

The year 1989 was a helluva time. Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, the Berlin Wall came down and Bowmore set aside some prized single malt for the scotch connoisseurs of the future. At last, said spirit is finally ready for sipping.

The 30-year-old in question was matured for three decades in the finest sherry hogsheads and bourbon barrels within the storied Bowmore No. 1 Vault (one of the world’s oldest maturation warehouses). Like the internet, the expression has evolved over time yet is colored by its history.

Selected from just two casks each year, Bowmore says the coveted drop has the past 30 years at the very core of its character. With a burnished gold natural color, the whisky is bottled at a cask strength of 45.3 percent and features what the distillery describes as a “rich fruity and subtly smoky style.”

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Best scotch whisky: Eight to try

Whisky expert Richard Woodard trawls the diverse world of Scotch whisky to select his favourite drams…

Drawing up a list of ‘the best’ Scotch whiskies is a bit like being asked for your Desert Island Discs: too many to choose from, too many reasons to pick one over another – plus the chosen whiskies change all the time, depending on mood and occasion.

One of the joys of exploring the rich and diverse world of Scotch whisky is finding new favourites, rediscovering forgotten joys and reassessing the merits of names you might have previously overlooked.

There are no rules to constructing your own top 10 (or, in this case, top eight) of best whiskies. It so happens that this list includes a couple of blends and a grain whisky alongside five single malts, and the price range is fairly broad. About half of the whiskies here would also – arguably – be considered classics by many among the whisky-drinking population.

But none of that is by design – ask me again next month and you’ll probably get an entirely different list.

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Auctioneers predict ‘world record’ for rare whisky

One of the world’s rarest single malt whiskies is predicted to become the most expensive bottle ever sold when it is auctioned next month.

The Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare 60 Year Old is one of only 14 of its kind.

It is expected to beat the current world record hammer price of £1.2m, which is held by a Macallan from the same original bottling batch.

The bottle leads the sale of the second half of one the world’s largest private whisky collections to go to auction.

The “Perfect Collection’ was amassed over decades by former US bottling magnate Richard Gooding, who died in 2014.

The first part of the collection – more than 1,900 bottles – made more than £3.2m when it was auctioned online last year.

The remaining 1,900 lots were due to go on sale last April, but Perth-based seller Whisky Auctioneer pulled the auction after it was hit by a cyber attack. The company later reported that no data was compromised and the issues had been resolved.

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Cask Whisky investment

I am delighted to announce on 4th January 2021 JAG Business Admin signed a contract with Hampton Wealth Group Ltd to be the master agent in Thailand for cask whisky on behalf of Whisky Investment Partners of the UK.

whisky barrel

By law, from the moment your cask is filled, it’s given a unique identification code. This code stays with it through every step of its lifetime. The code is recorded at the distillery, by transportation companies and recorded at the bonded warehouses. Because of the high potential tax take from alcohol, bonded warehouses are licensed by HMRC and closely monitored by the government. They’re among the most tightly controlled locations in the country. Contact JAG-BA to invest or find out more.

JAG BA opens it’s doors

Pattaya, Thailand, 28/05/2018. JAG business administration opened it’s doors. JAG-BA provides office and business administration services to Thai and expatriate clients throughout the Pattaya area.