Whisky Casks – A Reason to Invest

When investing in Cask Whisky, you do so with confidence knowing the value will continue to rise until it is time for you to sell.

Buying a bottle of Whisky you love for £30, £150, £300 or more, what if you could buy a Cask? Well, you can now. Store the investment in a UK Bonded Warehouse and sell in ten years when the Whisky has increased in value.

Thanks to the Single Malt Whisky Distillers in Scotland, this is now a reality, and you are closer than ever to owning your Whisky Cask. All you need to do is provide a copy of your passport, proof of your address, pay the invoice, and you are one proud owner of a Cask of Whisky. That is not all; investors are rewarded when buying casks, purchasing four or more, and the customer will buy at a reduced rate.

With Whisky demand skyrocketing over the last decade, it is easy to see why investors are turning their heads to this luxury commodity. Not only that, Scotch Whisky is the pinnacle of all whiskies, the celebrity everyone wants at their party. As world whiskies continue to impress, none have the history or prestige as that of Scotch.

So think of the money you have sat in your bank waiting to buy something, invest it now, and recoup the rewards in ten years when it will be worth more than today.

How much would it be worth, you may ask? Well, that depends on how many you buy, but at 12 to 15% per year, you will undoubtedly be wealthier than you are now.

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