11 Best Whiskey Glasses You Can Buy

Ever had someone ruin a fine scotch by serving it in a coffee cup? When it comes to whiskey, it’s all in the presentation. We’ve had hyped, renowned spirits disappoint us, and we’ve seen ho-hum bourbons come bursting to life—all because of the glass in which they’re served. So, what are the best whiskey glasses you can buy?

The whiskey experience differs with different types of glasses. We’ve listed 11 of the best whiskey glasses you can buy right now that rank 4.5 or more stars on Amazon.

But first, a few things to consider before choosing the best whiskey glasses for you.

Characteristics of the Best Whiskey Glasses

Appearance – The design and composition of the glass have a strong effect on the whiskey inside it. Look for the overall quality of the glassware, as well as the cup’s physical properties such as weight, girth, and grip. How does it feel in the hand? How does it look on the shelf? All of these characteristics are important in the grand whiskey drinking experience.

Drinkability – Drinkability is the ease of drinking from the glass. It’s dependent on the base weight, wall slope angle, and the diameter of the brim. There’s nothing worse than having to tilt a glass so far that when the whiskey does reach your mouth, it does so in a bomb and goes up your nose. That ain’t fun.

Nosing – Smell and aroma are an essential aspect of the whiskey drinking experience. Some drinkers prefer a narrow mouth, so the liquor’s aroma smacks them right in the nose when the glass is lifted. Others prefer a wider bowl to let their spirit breathe, which allows the ethanol fumes to escape and mellows the whiskey’s overall mouthfeel.

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